New: Marzipan Cointreau®

Discover the new marzipan with 3% Cointreau®. The mix of the delicious quality Ranson marzipan and the perfume of Cointreau® will create a surprising and unique culinary addition to your workshop.

3 reasons to order the new marzipan Cointreau® today:

  1. The subtle orange perfume enhances the flavour experience of the marzipan;
  2. The marzipan Cointreau® is suitable for patisserie and chocolaterie alike: the sweetness of the marzipan and the bitterness of the Cointreau® are nicely balanced;
  3. By using Cointreau®, we extend the product's shelf life without sacrificing quality.

In short, this new marzipan variant with Cointreau® is an interesting and sophisticated choice for marzipan lovers and gastronomic adventurers looking for a surprising taste experience.

We offer the marzipan Cointreau® in 3-kilogram jars. If you are interested, please contact us through the contact form.