Market info - 3D chocolate decorations

3 D chocolade

The art of chocolate in 3D

At the beginning, everybody wants to finish their masterpieces with a touch of chocolate. But Ranson Industries is in a constant search for innovation, in this quest we have found a new item. As you already know we create custom blisters in different sizes and shapes.

The next step in this journey was the filling of those blisters with all kinds of pure and mixed types of chocolate. If we can melt it, we can fill it!

For the end of this year we have developed together with our in-house art-designer & research and development team, a new unique range of chocolate decorations. Those 3D chocolate decorations will give an extra edge to your pastries and customers will pay extra for this finishing touch.

If you want to create your own custom 3D chocolate decorations, please contact our chocolate specialist, Charlotte Ranson.