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Raisins SA

Everybody agrees that the 2022 SA crop is looking very good. The crop has come through the end of winter, spring and now heading into summer without serious damage caused by frost or hail. Two weeks ago, there was a storm along the Orange River, which caused limited hail damage, east of Upington. Most farmers in this region are converting to pecans, due to the regular losses caused by weather conditions.

Crop estimates remain at 88,000mt of raisins. This will be a new record for South Africa.

The timing of the crop looks to be “normal” with the deliveries from farmers taking place during February and March. We are enjoying mild weather of about 34ºC during the day. This is good for the fruit development. The truly hot weather (42ªC) needed for the sugar development must arrive during second half December and January 2022.

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