Market info - Blue poppy seed

Blauw maanzaad

Blue poppy seed

For two years in a row, the Czech blue poppy seed crop had turned out worse than expected after unfavourable weather conditions had caused considerable damage. For this reason, both traders and farmers are currently holding back with offers for the new crop.

The condition of the fields is currently good. Market players have seen the development of the plants on site and report that the lush rainfall of the past few days, mixed with sufficient hours of sunshine, has been a blessing for the plants. However, it looked similar in May 2019, until the dry June weather put a damper on the farmers' plans.

Since an estimated 40,000 ha were sown, the blue poppy seed market can ideally look forward to a good crop (29,000-34,000 metric tonnes) this year. If the weather does not play along in the coming weeks, an average crop (21,000-26,000 metric tonnes) should still be possible. Despite fewer enquiries on the spot market, the export volume continues to grow compared to last year.

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