Market info - Almonds

Bruine amandelen


As media in Spain report mild temperatures in February and March prompted an early start to flowering and the fruits are developing very well.

Many trees will only carry almonds for the first or second time, which will give production a boost in Spain. Official production estimates still have to be issued. The weather and rain will remain decisive factors until the harvest is underway. I contrats to California, the orchards in Spain are not irrigated and hail damages cannot be ruled out. Due to the pandemic, no prices have been quoted on the Spanish commodity exchanges for weeks. At the same time, traders report a lack of export demand.

The almonds in California have profited from the right amounts of rain and warm and sunny weather over the last few weeks. Blue Diamond Almonds reports that yields should be high, and many growers are supporting the almond trees with ropes to prevent them from collapsing under the weight of the nuts. Strong gusts of wind have already caused branches to break off. Whole US almonds are trading in a stable range in Europe.

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