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The harvest of strawberries in Egypt will start shortly. Egypt, meanwhile, has become one of the largest producers of frozen strawberries, if not the largest in the world.

The most used variety is Festival, but there are also similar varieties in circulation. Usually there are large strawberries, bright red (not as dark as Polish ones, more towards the Spanish). Sometimes calibrated 25-35 mm, very rarely smaller.

The first months of the harvest (January-March) are mainly produced cubes, because the strawberries are still hard at that time. Whole strawberries will follow later, around April.

Supplier selection in Egypt is very important because there are quite a few problems with pesticides. It is therefore important to work with producers who have their own plantations and thus control these problems.

More and more customers are using Egyptian strawberries, mainly because of the cheaper prices compared to European alternatives

We can offer:

  • strawberries uncalibrated
  • strawberries 25/35
  • strawberry cubes 10 * 10
  • strawberry cubes 12 * 12
  • Other cuts on request

Prices fluctuate with quantity and purchase period

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