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IQF Fruit


  • Red rhubarb crop completely failed; very limited availability, we hope for a better situation in August for the second crop as plenty of demand hasn’t been fulfilled…
  • Strawberry harvest has started, yield looks lower than expected. High demand due to Egyptian defaults, prices rising.


  • After the very hot weather in May and the storms afterwards there was fear for damages but this is not really a factor
  • This crop will be an average one
  • Strawberry crop almost finished, prices pushed higher due to demand for fresh product from the ‘brothers’ in Russia
  • Raspberry crop started on the lower areas, in the mountains it might take a couple of weeks to start, so not yet in full swing
  • First offers for export expected end of next week, price discovery going on and very complicated because farmers are paid a certain amount and expect a bonus later in the season, in case prices would go down the farmers wouldn’t pay the money back J… Exporters we talk to seem to indicate that some people indicate rather high buying prices but unclear what their agenda is (long-holders?).
  • The effect from Russia on raspberry market should be limited as raspberries are almost all going to the frozen market
  • Blackberries only start in August
  • Cherry crop should start in a couple of weeks

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