Market info - Blue poppy seed

Blauw maanzaad

Blue poppy seed

Cold weather and local snowfalls have put a stop to poppy seed sowing in the Czech Republic this week. Farmers are desperate to start as it may be too late soon.

Although sowing tended to start early in recent years, the prolonged winter weather has delayed things this year. A few days remain for sowing to start without concerns being issued over a possibly adverse impact on growth. Market players are hoping that temperatures will rise over the weekend as has been forecast. This would finally enable farmers to start sowing.

The Czech Republic exported a total of 11,742 mt of poppy seeds between August 2020 and January 2021, which is around 3.6% down on the same period last year. While shipments to Russia and to Poland declined by 11.4% each, shipments to Poland have sharply risen by nearly 60%.

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