Lucien Ranson

All the best of a family traditon

Because we care so much about roots, let us first reveal our own. 70 years ago, this story began in the hands of our grandfather, Lucien Ranson, an inquisitive baker who created and launched his own marzipan. Two generations later and now with more than three hundred employees, we are still an independent family company with a hunger for the very best raw materials, ingredients, tailor-made products and decorations.


All the best for quality and origins

What you see: a seemingly simple Ranson product. What you don’t see: an impressive quest on different continents for the best growing conditions for quality ingredients or products. We currently grow and select raw materials, which we then incorporate into our products, in 32 countries. From our fruit varieties to chocolate decorations: we know the source of our entire range exactly. The quality we offer today has taken a great deal of time and energy to achieve. But our patience has paid off in the nicest way, as we now see how customers take our products to heart, and even the world's largest manufacturers purchase and process Ranson Industries products.

Belgie Ranson

All the best in Belgium for the world

It all started in our grandfather's small garage. Now, more than 70 years later, we can guarantee national coverage in Belgium and deliver our tailor-made products to all major regions of the world. No matter how big the order, everyone enjoys the same service.

Ranson UK

All the best for the UK

Founded in 1998, the Belgian family company “Ranson” acquired Baekart & Dupont which was already an established food wholesaler for Greater London. Now called Ranson UK and delivering nationwide, we continue to develop and thrive and currently have 25 employees at our premises just outside London

We are ambitious to further expand our sales and distribution platform (ambient, chilled and frozen) across the UK delivering to everyone from the independent baker, all the way to the largest industrial food manufacturers and as well as other wholesalers/distributors.

We currently import a wide range of products to the UK, mainly from the 25,000+ product lines at our Belgian warehouses so we can be sure of a collaborative and smooth approach, amid the current changing business climate. If you would like to import goods post-Brexit, but any added complexity and/or costs makes it difficult, let us take care of it and remove these difficulties for you!

Always ready to listen, “How can we help you?” is the catchphrase of our Customer Service department (contact us on +44 (0)1375 391 800 or email